Pocatello, ID & Idaho Falls Visitor Center Mission

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Hi my sweet Ma and family!

How is everyone doing?! I miss all of you so much! Thank you for all the letters and everything this past week, I loved that! And Mama, thank you so much for that package of goodies, it was the best ever! Udon noodles are my absolute favorite! And I also wanted to tell you not to worry about the iPod, it's totally fine! I'm not feeling COMPLETELY musically deprived ;) But really, don't even worry about sending it, I will be fine!

This last week was a little rough because a lot of our appointments fell through but it was really good all at the same time! We are really close to one of the little girls in our ward, named Emery. She invited us to go watch her clog down at the Snake River and she did AWESOME! Hey mom, I know I can't dance...but sign me up for clogging :)

Sany, one of our investigators, came to the VC and we taught him there. He is so great! He should be getting baptized within these next few weeks so keep him in your prayers that he will be confident and continue to desire to be baptized! We had to push LeAnna's baptism date back a little because she has been at girls camp and it didn't give us enough time to finish the discussions. She will be getting baptized in the first week of September. I can't wait. She is one amazing girl.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to teach a nonmber family from Germany! They were so great and they were very very interested in the church and they had a lot of really good questions. I gave them a Book of Mormon and they were really excited about that. They have been in search of something more in their lives and I think they just found it. :)

Nothing makes me happier than when Sister Lemons and I are walking down the street and all the little kids run outside and shout our names! They are so sweet, I love them all so much. They make me miss all the little kiddos in our sweet family.

We are going on a hike today after I finish emailing everyone! We are pretty excited...maybe we can make up for all the cookies we ate last night...oops.

We are also going to meet with Sany AND LeAnna tonight so I will have to keep you updated with them! Please keep them in your prayers!

PS. Sister Linford and I had the opportunity to teach together at the VC yesterday, so we were really happy. She is such a blessing, I love her so much.

Family, please know that I love you so much and that you are in my prayers!

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Sister Rodriguez